Where's my memory?

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Bernard character waving

Meet Bernard

Where’s My Memory? Tells the story of Bernard the desert elephant who struggles during the midday heat. In their desperate need for water, his family are forced to walk on. After several days and nights, hope of his survival slowly fades until an unexpected act gives him the strength to keep going. He learns important lessons about the value of selflessness and random acts of kindness. Follow Bernard as he understands the true power of kindness that will not only save himself but will help to pass on his new-found wisdom to his entire family too.

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About the book

Where’s My Memory? is a book aimed at primary school children. It tells the tale of an elephant who returns to the place of his birth to lay down for the final time. In their search for water, his family are forced to reluctantly leave him behind. The text works on a number of levels and promotes the culture of community amongst children. Giving for the sake of giving. Helping because help is needed. The underlying message behind the text is that ‘A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.” It shows children that the smallest gesture on your part may mean the world to somebody else. Within the story Bernard is helped by another species of animal. He cannot repay her as she quickly moves on but the lesson he learns from her kindness is one which ultimately helps him to save the life of another and in the end help his family to grow.

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The illustrator of the book Jennifer Cooper

About the illustrator

Jennifer Cooper is an Australian artist who works in painting, collage, murals, speed painting, and illustration. Jennifer is constantly exploring new media and digital illustration is her latest phase.

Jennifer began her Fine Art degree at Newcastle University, Australia, and completed it at Bauhaus University in Germany. She then relocated to Dubai with her English husband in 2010 and has been a full-time artist since then.

About the author

Gavin McCormack is a primary school teacher based in Sydney Australia who wants change the way children learn the most important lessons of life. He has seen the impacts of negativity and selfishness in the classroom and playground and wants children to understand from an early age that an kind act can change the world for somebody else. Having worked in the classroom for almost 20 years he wanted to create a story that allows children to understand that a kind act is not carried out because of the rewards it brings but is actually its own reward.

The author of the book Gavin McCormack

"Once again Gavin Mccormack has produced another book to make the world a better place, good on him"

Barbara Johnson - primary school teacher

"Jennifer Cooper never fails to create characters to fall in love with"

John Stepllegate - Newcastle artist

"Bernard endures a journey which every child can learn from, inspirational"

Stephen Hollfate - Sydney journalist

"The illustrations are simply adorable, what a story"

Susan Johnson - Teacher

"A book every child should read"

Mathew Hanson - Architect, UK