About the book

Bernard sleeping

What can the book do for your child?

Not only does the text have a moral code but also a scientific one. It holds the key to many unknown facts which surround the legacy of the elephant. Children will understand that elephants have the capacity to feel emotions and have even been known to cry. It demonstrates that within a memory (The collective noun for a group of elephants) the dominant female will take charge if the Bull can no longer do so and also educates the children about the sensitivity and precision of the elephants senses. Bernard uses his senses to ultimate find his family (or his memory as the title suggests).

The Science

The setting of the story id the Namibian desert. The illustrations help children to understand the vastness of this ever-changing landscape which is encompassed with islands of green and blue. It shows the sheer intelligence of these fantastic creatures and their ability to understand their habitat to aid their survival. Children are exposed to the complex emotions animals such as the elephant have and the way that family hierarchies work withing nature. The elephant is well known for its emotional sensitivity and the expressions depicted by each character allow children to find a common understanding of what each character is experiencing.

Elephant looking

"Once again Gavin Mccormack has produced another book to make the world a better place, good on him"

Barbara Johnson - primary school teacher

"Jennifer Cooper never fails to create characters to fall in love with"

John Stepllegate - Newcastle artist

"Bernard endures a journey which every child can learn from, inspirational"

Stephen Hollfate - Sydney journalist

"The illustrations are simply adorable, what a story"

Susan Johnson - Teacher

"A book every child should read"

Mathew Hanson - Architect, UK